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Hunger and Fullness Scale

You can use this scale to rate your hunger before, during and after eating. Sometimes it can be useful to keep a food diary noting your hunger and fullness scale before and after eating for a week and notice any patterns that emerge.

1   I’m starving and feeling faint.

2   I’m ravenous and thinking about food non-stop.

3   I’m pretty hungry and really want to eat now.

4   I’m quite hungry and ready to eat a meal.

5   I’m satisfied but wouldn’t mind a snack.

6   I’m full but wouldn’t mind a bite or two more.

7   I’m satiated and not feeling hungry.

8   I’m full and not requiring anything else to eat.

9   I’m bloated, stuffed, and have eaten too much.

10   I’m feeling nauseous and can hardly move.

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