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Welcome to your place to find support, connection, strength and opportunity when facing emotional eating.

If you are struggling with emotional eating, finding yourself turning to the cupboard or fridge for relief from anger, frustration, loneliness and pain. Do you try and lose weight or go on a ‘diet’ and then find yourself reaching for chocolate or wine when life gets tough. Well your search is over for help. I have created this service just for you, I work with a range of techniques to bring you relief and help you find joy in life.

Through a strength-based approach to exploring what underlies your emotional eating, you will be guided to create lasting and meaningful change. Here you will find not only strategies, but also support to assist you in incorporating those strategies into your everyday life.

This website and forum have been designed to overcome the barriers of time and location.  To build a network of supportive people across the world. To provide a safe place to share the collective wisdom that we all hold, so we can help each other free ourselves from the suffering of emotional eating.

Opportunities for connection through the forum, Facebook page, webinars and coaching groups will engage you in active participation and discussions around emotional eating.  You will be guided in building emotional intelligence, making decisions, engaging in regular self care and in beginning or continuing to nourish your body, mind and soul in a sustainable way.

As a health coach and food scientist I am an only too aware of the challenges of emotional eating. I have created this space to help you heal.  To help you move forward with confidence.  I am excited and honoured that you are joining me on your journey. My heart’s desire is for you to lead a life which is free from emotional eating..

Contact me if you would like to get started today….

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